A Mum’s Feelings and Thoughts on her Child’s Speech Disorder

Watching your child struggle with something can be heartbreaking. Watching them struggle to communicate can be especially worrying as there are a gamut of implications that are worrying in themselves!

I’ve linked to a lovely blog post below from Erika, a mum who has a child with ‘apraxia’. Apraxia is now more commonly known as ‘CAS’: Childhood Apraxia of Speech, though it is not really ‘commonly known’ as it is a very rare speech disorder (See my blogpost ‘What is CAS?). Even if your child does not have ‘CAS’, it’s an interesting read about some feelings and learnings from a Mum on a journey to help her child. This is also a useful read if you are a friend or family member of someone who has a child with communication difficulties.

My favourite quote from the writer, Erika, is: “there is power in the word ‘yet’”.

The journey of assessment and therapy for children is not one that we would choose to take. It is often not easy. I hope you find Erika’s post encouraging and helpful.

7 Things I’ve Learned While Having a Child with Apraxia