Mums Who Worry

Mums almost apologise to me when they first meet me: ‘maybe I’m just worrying too much, but…’ I hear that phrase very frequently. However, it is usually followed by excellent observations of their child’s speech, language, and behaviours that are not typical of child development.

I usually say that if I hear a rattle on my car, I don’t worry about it…I do something about it. I ask the professional, i.e. the mechanic. If I think there is an area where my daughter is falling behind or has health or development differences, I’ll seek out a professional to look into it and advise me on what can be done. If I notice a new lump in or on my body – well I guess you get the drift. There’s not usually any point in worrying unless there is nothing that you can do (and ironically in that case there’s no point in worrying if you can’t do anything about it!).

You are a thoughtful Mum, considering your child, and probably comparing them to peers and maybe siblings. You notice things about your child. You may even be reading online about speech and language difficulties. Please avoid coming to conclusions about a diagnosis based on what you have googled as that can definitely lead to unfounded worry.

Usually it’s innate to a parent to want the best for their child. If you have a niggling worry that something isn’t quite right with your child’s development of speech, language and general learning, don’t worry – seek a professional opinion and know that you are doing something and will soon have an expert’s input. If there is something you’re concerned about with your child, I encourage you to phone or e-mail to book in for a Tongue Twisters assessment. I’d love to hear from you.