Child Screentime

Screen Time for Children

With technology changing so quickly, it’s good to be mindful of choosing technology and how to use it rather than letting it choose us. I need some more true non-screen time in my day – I think the whole family would benefit from unplugging. If you’re also considering the screen time issue, you may find this article by Perri Klass helpful.

Whatever we may learn about what young children can or cannot learn from the screens in their lives, what we know is that they need human contact and interaction — and there’s a real worry that screens may take up time and space in babies’ and toddlers’ lives and replace some of what they most need.

What we should be emphasizing for older children, he said, is that parents need to make sure that they get true non-screen time built into their days.

I like that this article from the New York Times differentiates Skyping grandma (pro-social) and TV (passive). Have a read if you’re considering how much and what kind of screens are for you and your family.