He’s Done so Well With You

“We are just so thrilled that J has done so well with you. We notice everyday how clearly he speaks and so many people have commented, it really is great for him, he doesn’t have to think about it at all! Thanks so very much, we really enjoyed coming to see you over those months.” K.Edwards.

He ‘Graduated’ from Speech Therapy

“I thought you might enjoy some seeing some pictures of the little party we threw for M to celebrate his ‘graduation’ from speech therapy and to acknowledge all his hard work. All our family, his grandparents and a few members of our extended family came along to share in his success. He knew exactly what it was for and happily informed his uncle, ‘it’s because Melva doesn’t have to come and help me anymore, because I’m too good!’

Thank-you so much for making my shy little boy into the confident wee guy he is today. We can never express how much your help has meant to him and also to us. M was not one to ‘warm’ easily to new people, especially the adult-kind, but right from the word go, he loved you and looked forward to your visits. I definitely think this was integral to his success. We are very proud of him and forever grateful to you. Thank you, once again.” R.Hill

He Loved the Sessions With You

“Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication you put in for my son K over the past 2 and 1/2 years. We had always had a hard time understanding him when he was in preschool and did not know what to do. You worked so hard with him in preschool and then in primary school. His speech is beautiful and we no longer have to ask him to repeat himself several times to understand what he is saying. He even corrects himself if he has said something incorrect.

He loved the sessions with you. You had so many different ways to engage him even when he was not wanting to be at a session. You were always very patient with him and followed through with any agreement you made with him (stickers, a special game). You are very passionate about your work and committed to my son and me throughout this whole process. We thank you and will miss you.” H.Parsons

Thank You Melva!

“Melva is very professional, great with kids, efficient and helped my son in various ways to learn and settle at daycare. Her service is faultless!

Thank you Melva.” Jo

You Saw His Potential

“S would not be where he is without your help!!! Right from the start you were there for us Melva – when we got knocked back from funding applications you kept our spirits up and gave us advice that we needed desperately. Even when we moved out of your team you had the grace to keep in contact and keep supporting our son.

Even though the first school S went to was a disaster, and our faith was put to trial, you stood by us and helped us integrate into a new school and welcomed our son. You saw his potential and gave your all to see that he was given every chance to achieve that. For that Melva we cannot thank you enough.

Today S is achieving far beyond what we imagined – you Melva have been instrumental in laying the platform for this development and without you our son would never have risen to the level he is at. God bless.” D and C McEntee

She Always Carried Through on Promises

“My son undertook speech therapy with Melva when he was almost 4 years old due to unclear speech caused by hearing loss. Because he was diagnosed at a late age I was very nervous about the long term impacts on his speech, Melva’s calm and confident manner assured me that with a bit of work we could resolve his speech difficulties.

I found Melva to be highly organized and conscientious in her approach. She always carried through on promises made to my son and made an effort to vary her methods and techniques in order to engage him. She was also great with us as parents, leaving us homework to complete as a family and explaining the reasons for the methods behind it.

My son progressed extremely well under Melva’s guidance, even now he uses some of the speech techniques Melva taught him. I feel very lucky that she was able to help us and would recommend her unreservedly. When we had our last therapy session my son gave her a big hug and he still talks about her today.” A.Bennett

You Helped

“Through my experience with you as my son’s Speech-Language Therapist, I can tell that you are definitely very passionate about what you are doing and you take your work very seriously. You have a good knowledge with special needs children and what families are going through. You gave me confidence and knowledge to help the communication and connection with my autistic son. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope the best for you.” Y Lee